Awareness Intelligence is learnable

Mathias Sager
4 min readApr 23, 2019


Comprehensive awareness is like the capturing of light, which is our soul’s essential yearning.

Life itself wants to reveal itself to us. Even if we close our eyes, some light is shining through the lids. The clouds are not a part of the sky. It’s never completely dark; there is always radiating vividness. To see clearly, open your eyes and wait until the clouds are gone. They are just the changing and passing stories others and we tell ourselves.

Look up, open up, reflect the light, and enlighten your awareness. That’s how you regain orientation and freedom that comes from foresight, providence, and trust.

Arthur Whimbey, the progressive author who published Problem Solving & Comprehension in 1979, evidenced that any intelligence can be taught through instruction on problem-solving and strategic thinking. There is less agreement though on what strategic decision-making competencies shall be. Of course, cognition, social and individual values and beliefs might influence one’s choices. When relying on beliefs, however, there is always the risk of unsystematics and misbeliefs being considered. Awareness Intelligence provides a universal framework for decision-making to know in a coherent and most substantial way

  • where one is coming from,
  • where one is currently at, and
  • where one can go.

Total awareness, if applied consequently, is an unerring advisor for avoiding mental short-cuts in strategic decision-making such as over-reliance on anecdotes and stereotyped self- and other-images.

Awareness Intelligence can be developed by any healthy individual.

Everybody has the mental ability to extend linear time and social relations towards the inclusiveness of the eternity and entirety of humankind.

All it takes is to pay attention and motivate oneself by knowing about the tremendous benefits of Awareness Intelligence for one’s private and professional life. A shortage of continual and all-encompassing awareness manifests through a mental disengagement that results in self-consumption. Views of narrow social boundaries are inhibiting the development of social networks. Such symptoms and communicative isolation in their most extreme forms, are characteristics of autism, a distinctly defined illness since the 1940s. The good news is: People lacking more global information processing can be instructed to improve. Humanity is not ill, but it definitively requires instructions on how to develop higher levels of awareness to connect sincerely with others. Humans can change their thinking, which in itself even changes the structure and functioning of the brain. Science found that the brain is much more plastic and developable than ever assumed. If we are self-aware, we have to admit that we probably did never give a hundred percent. There always goes a bit more.

It is not genetics that is limiting us. Most of us don’t explore all the options we have, don’t go to the top of their possible peak performance, and many do not think as hard and systematic as they probably could. There is no excuse for not learning how to become more awareness-intelligent.

We wish to be intelligent to perform tasks such as reading, calculating, solving technical problems, create music, understand nature, be a good employee or entrepreneur, and so forth. These may all be important to fulfill social roles. And, social comparison is a strong happiness factor. People tend to be content if they do well compare to others. Because there are always others who do let us appear compare unfavorably, the choice of a limited circle of easy-to-compare others might be a comforting self-protection strategy. However, such avoiding behavior also prevents from connecting to broader and more diverse walks of life. The measurements of traditional intelligence quotients have only amplified competition unnecessarily. It’s not necessary to compare to others and derive satisfaction from relative high scores in intelligence tests in areas we even don’t feel drawn to naturally as these, in fact, are not of most fundamental relevance to a soul-inspired human life.

It is unnecessary to feel judged as a human being by predominantly commercially defined concepts of intelligence.

Social comparisons are causing a lot of discrimination, feelings of unworthiness, and related suffering.

What makes people really joyful is their capacity for self-determination.To be awareness intelligent means to be in the driver seat, to function mentally well, and enjoy psychological well-being.

Once you will have experienced the power of Awareness Intelligence, a return to ordinary pseudo-knowing won’t be possible as your life got changed. And again, as Charles Duhigg states, willpower too “is a learnable skill, something that can be taught the same way kids learn to do math and say “thank you.”



Mathias Sager

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