Distraction of the mass

Despite global communication technology, people are still kept uninformed, just by different means. While in prior days information was just not available, today its sheer volume and tendentially one-sided curation are leading to distraction.

It is critical not to confuse emotion with inspiration. Inspiration comes through awareness, which, besides consciousness, is brought to life by thinking. We need to become aware to avoid emotional bias.

Awareness Intelligence will help us in inquiring what choices we are not offered, which options are just for distraction purposes, what possibilities are untold, and what benefits are scoped out or not inclusive of our and humanities broader rights.

Consciousness is not about information, it is about inspiration.

Reduced awareness takes care of itself. People mistakenly believe to be knowledgeable and in control, which leads them even to justify and support the very systems that disadvantage them most.

If one grows more aware, the radius of care grows with it. As the reach of care widens, so does the feeling of being not alone, of being connected to the collective soul in full awareness, alive, and fully human.



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