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  • Jin Tanaka

    Jin Tanaka

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Shogun Capital. Born entrepreneur, a growth master, and a hustler. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jintanaka/

  • Arif Mansuri

    Arif Mansuri

    Writer, Facilitator, Coach, Manager and an ardent student of human motivation and career challenges.

  • Patty Wolters

    Patty Wolters

  • Willam W. McKeen

    Willam W. McKeen

    The Ego Rules The Day.

  • Marta Brzosko

    Marta Brzosko

    Support my work by buying my book, Ego Friendly. https://martabrzosko.gumroad.com/l/ego-friendly

  • Alex Byrne

    Alex Byrne

    Professor of Philosophy, MIT

  • Nicolas Rufino dos Santos

    Nicolas Rufino dos Santos

    Florianópolis, SC, Brasil. Contact: nicolasrufino4@gmail.com

  • Firinn Taisdeal

    Firinn Taisdeal

    I am an author and inventor. My first book was about people’s relationship with their possessions and how possessions change us, for better and for worse.

  • Lisa Marie Rankin

    Lisa Marie Rankin

    Check out my new book, The Goddess Solution, or find me at www.lisamarierankin.com.

  • Britt


    Thoughts & things from a dreamer of education that brings together wellbeing and purpose

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